Physical Therapy After Heart Surgery

Rehabilitation After Leaving the Hospital

Your physical therapist will evaluate your physical capabilities and physical requirements after surgery. Our physical therapists are experts at discharge planning requirements, and are happy to talk with you and your family concerning your needs in the hospital and/or at home. Our physical therapists are thouroughly educated in recognizing what exercises are best for you, and about advising you concerning any precautions or restrictions that apply to you once you leave the hospital.

In collaboration with your surgeon, your physical therapist will determine what kind of cardiac rehabilitation is most suitable for you after you leave the hospital. Formal outpatient cardiac rehabilitation usually does not take place until after your body has healed (usually after one and a half to two months). Your cardiologist (not your surgeon) will usually arrange the required cardiac stress test before beginning cardiac rehabilitation. Your cardiologist’s office will arrange your cardiac outpatient rehabilitation for you.

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